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AnyRidge-Guided Surgical-Kit-1-1

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R2GATE™ Full Surgical KIT

R2GATE full surgical kit is composed with all of drills and components that are needed for the Digital Guided Surgery which uses R2GATE Guide™ after R2GATE™ diagnosis. It helps to actualize minimally invasive surgery and makes exact clinical result as the diagnosis

R2GATE GUIDE surgery

Our guided drill design does not need spoons or sleeves

All of our drilling components from initial drill to implant carrier are designed as guide and drilling part. You do not need any additional sleeves or spoons, making surgery time shorter

Initial Drill
  • Use the initial drill in order to mark the drilling position on the bone. Start drilling slowly, when drill guide part is fully contacted with drilling core of R2GATE Guide™.
  • Recommended drilling speed range is 300 ~ 800 RPM with copious irrigation
Second Drill
  • This unique step-drill(from Ø2.0 to Ø4.6) is used to flare out the upper cortical bone of the osseotomy
  • It helps not only the rest drilling procedure but abutment connection. In case of hard bone, if the 2nd drilling will be disturbed by thick cortical bone. Stop the drilling and try it after final drilling procedure.
Stopper Drill
  • Universal drills consist of Ø2.0, Ø.2.5, Ø2.8 diameter to enlarge the osteotomy gradually
  • The length of drill are designed as 7.0, 8.5, 10, 11.5, 13mm for most common length of implant system
  • Recommended drilling speed range is 500 ~ 800 RPM with copious irrigation
Bone Profiler
  • Recommended drilling speed is 300 ~ 800 RPM.
Stopper Drill [AO]
  • Recommended drilling speed is 300 ~ 800 RPM.
Cortical Bone Drill [AO]
  • Recommended drilling speed : 300 ~ 800 RPM
Implant Carrier[AO]
  • Two different implant carriers for regular stent since Ø3.5 fixture has different abut- ment connection.
  • To pick up the fixture from the ampule and insert it to the ossetomy. Then turn it to clock-wise direction 2~3 times manualy
  • When it gets fixation from the osteotomy, connect the handpiece adaptor and use implant motor
  • Recommended insertion torque is 45~50Ncm
Carrier-Handpiece Adapter
  • Useful to use the handpiece for the implant placement following initial delivery of a fixture with a fixture carrier
Carrier Extension
  • To extend the length of implant carrier
Drill Extension
  • No more than 35Ncm torque : May distorted when excessive force is applied
  • Extends drills & other handpiece instruments
Hand Driver (1.2 Hex)
  • Used for all Cover Screws, Abutment Screws, and Healing Abutments
  • Available in 4 lengths for added convenience
  • Hand Driver can be directly inserted into the Torque Wrench without using an adaptor
  • Hex tip can with stand 35-45Ncm of torque without distorting
Ratchet Wrench
  • Used to exert more force than the Handpiece
  • No bearing system : No breakage and no corrosion problems
  • Arrow laser marking indicates direction of force

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