Dental imaplants

Meg-Rhein Overdenture system

Fina a local representative based on your Pincode


Meg-Rhein Overdenture features a one piece or two piece implant design with narrow diameters that are ideal for thin ridge sites. They offer an affordable treatment option in compromised sites. The thread design provides significant stability at placement, and long lasting integration due to surface treatment. Meg-Rhein Overdenture offers the lowest vertical and narrowest horizontal dimension, while providing excellent retention.

  • Combined head & housing structure is smallest on market
  • Retentive cap is based on Italian technology & has uniform physical properties
  • Various retention forces (600gf, 1200gf, 1800gf, 2700gf) classified by color to suit each patient
  • Dynamic housing with double structure enables tilting to 25°, allowing stable denture even with tilted implant placement

  • Small & easy-to-use housing system,Compact design: ø4.4 / 2.1mm
  • Various retentive caps for different implant positions, Wide choice of retentive caps with different retention force, depending on patient’s oral condition
  • Comparison of reduction rate from usage of retentive caps, Reduction rate of retentive cap from attachment/detachment is considerably low compared to other brands
  • Tilting angle, 15° one side (30° both sides) Dynamic abutment: 25° one side (50° both sides)

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