Chesa Moterised Suction

Fina a local representative based on your Pincode


Using of Moterised Suction In Dental treatment is very essentiol, itsprovide high power suction . Using Moterised suction reduces the Aerosol from working area, Chesa suction is very powerful , easy to install and Auto drain

Dental suction units are designed to provide the suction required during dental procedures in a dental office. These systems provide adequate suction for intraoral uses whether they run on a battery or require an outlet to obtain power. As with all portable dental equipment, it is important for a portable suction unit to be both durable and lightweight enough to be moveable

  • Model : Movable Type
  • Input power: 220V / 50HZ110V / 60HZ
  • Power: 280W
  • Current: 2,0a
  • Noise: less than or equal to 50dB
  • Maximum vacuum: -110nbar
  • Ambient temperature: 5c-40 “C
  • Gross weight: 23kg
  • Package size: 48x44x84cm

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