Fussen F100r

Fussen is leading the involution of industry in the sector of dental digital imaging equipment, medical it and focused on digital imaging and M e d I c a I I t ...fussen f100 is digital size -1 intra-oral sensor. It features a 20 pm pixel pitch Cmos sensor with csi scintillator which ensures optimal resolution. The sensor Has an ergonomic design with smooth edges, rounded corners, and a flexible and long cable for maxi- mum patient comfort. An easy to use hispeed direct usb interface enables a simple connection to a pc without Need for an additional control bob. Fussen intra-oral soft-ware application Makes it easy to acquire, enhance, analyse, view and share images from The sensor. Software is very user friendly and fast in processing. Is give more Comfort to user for time saving due to single window built in features... no Extra tabs require for acquisition, view/diagnose, print/report, multi capture Mode makes it time saving for multiple shoots, customised toolbar.... Many More to introduce.

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Detector Type CMOS
Scintillator CsI:TI
Pixel Pitch (pm) 20
Active Area (mm2) 20 x 30(Size 1)
Grey Scale (bit) 16 bit
PC Interface Direct USB, USB2.0
Dimensions (mm3) 25.4 x 36.8 x 4.5(Size 1)
Length of cable (m) 3 Meters
Resolution 25 Ip/mm
Resolution(pixels) 1000 x 1500(Size 1)
Housing material Kevlar
Ingress Protection Ip68